Our Values

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The values of the Dilemme program are those the CRÉSUS foundation has always fought to uphold. 

  • Independent commitment: Dilemme is, and shall remain, an independent program. All those who work to promote the program are committed to changing our society for the better, using their experience and expertise to help all those with the potential to benefit. 


  • Cooperation and co-construction: The Dilemme program has been developed and put into use via cooperation and co-construction with a number of partner organisations (including associations, banks and insurance firms). As often as possible, operations are carried out by teams featuring a CRÉSUS representative and a volunteer from the banking or insurance sector.


  • Expertise: The unveiling of the Dilemme program has been made possible thanks to the expertise and experience that CRÉSUS has been developing for the past 25 years. Its relevance and proximity to real situations are the result of years of welcoming, listening to and supporting individuals and families suffering varying degrees of debt. The Dilemme tools are only available for use by those who have completed the relevant training program. 


  • Openness, not judgement: The Dilemme program aims to train and inform, without passing judgement. CRESUS has always striven to produce responsible citizens, without placing blame or conferring victim status. Getting various members of society to gather together around a board game or an application, in a non-commercial context, encourages direct and frank exchanges. This innovative method is a way to combat the stigma felt by certain people, while simultaneously demystifying the role played by banks and insurance companies.


  • Innovation: Innovation has been central to the design and development processes for this program. Innovation in pedagogical terms, firstly, as the Dilemme program is part of a movement do revitalise educational processes, promoting a vision of learning that’s off the beaten track. Dilemme is part of a modern revolution, allowing people to speak freely about money without any sense of taboo. At the heart of the Dilemme program is social and pedagogical innovation, enriched by a novel educational tool and modern digital support services.  
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