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  • CRÉSUS :  Welcoming, understanding and supporting all those in debt – Active in the struggle against social exclusion via education and financial training for all.
  • Radio CRÉSUS : Radio CRÉSUS is manned by journalists, radio presenters, DJ’s, graphic designers, artists, plastic artists, CRÉSUS legal experts and volunteers, who come together to produce a radio steam aiming to help those suffering under the burden of debt. The team promotes discussion and exchange between legal volunteers and people in critical debt-related situations, in Strasbourg and the rest of France.

  • Finances and pedagogy : Created by the Caisses d’Épargne in 1957, Finances & Pédagogie is an association carrying out awareness and training initiatives around the theme of money in daily life, aimed at all ages, young and old.

  • Finance for everyone (finance pour tous) : The website is managed by the Institute for Public Financial Eduction (IEFP), a public interest group affiliated by the National Education Ministry
  • Keys to the Banks (Les clés de la banque) : Are you in need of clear, simple and methodical explanations about banking and finance? Then this is the site for you. Because understanding changes everything, this site provides useful information, practical guides, letter templates and other resources. Keys to the Bank is the financial information and educational program for banking and money.
  • Cetelem foundation for budgetary education: The Cetelem Foundation is a denomination of the BNP Paribas group. It was created at Cetelem’s instigating in 1992, under the authority of the Fondation de France. In an economic context in which there is increasing risk of social exclusion for households, the foundation’s mission is to develop and promote budgetary education. Objectives: preventing debt and supporting social and economic integration for debt victims.
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